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We build the world we want to live in. We take each of your challenges as our own.

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Our site is as simple as possible and works on renewable energy sources to save the planet's resources and your time.


  • We help business and non-profit organisations to preserve planet resources and multiply ecological,
  • social and economic benefits (from business activities)

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Education, personal and business development

  • Education for sustainable development
  • Talent pipeline development and recruitment of sustainability experts for your business and / or social project
  • Increase of efficiency and effectiveness of Executive Leadership team in commercial and Board of Directors in non-profit organizations


  • Development of Sustainability Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility, including execution roadmap, operating model review, sustainable packing, purpose driven marketing, etc. Adoption of Global Sustainability Strategy to local market needs.
  • Portfolio, Product and Service differentiation in connection to the latest sustainable development trends


  • Creating seamless connection between social mission, brand and consumer journey. Transforming portfolio towards purpose driven brands. Integration of social mission into brand proposition and brand equity.
  • Design of purpose driven marketing strategies and communication campaigns
  • Sustainable product packaging

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Our Team

We are a team of passionate sustainability and business effectiveness experts with decades of international experience, non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship. We help businesses to grow and transform with better use of company and planet resources.
  • “Business transformation towards sustainable development not only helping to optimise use of planet resources and bring social impact, but help companies to improve their financial performance, find fuel for the sustainable future growth”
    Ilya SelivanovIlya Selivanov
    СEO, Co-founder of SCG, Impact Investor
  • The whole system becomes sustainable when each of its members strives for systemic changes. We can inspire others to drive changes only by our own example. At SCG we believe that sustainability start with ourselves”  
    Olga SharatutaOlga Sharatuta
    Head of Business Development, Сo-founder of SCG, Shared Value Trendsetter
  • Ilya Selivanov
    Ilya Selivanov
    СEO, Co-founder of SCG, Impact Investor
  • Olga Sharatuta
    Olga Sharatuta
    Head of Business Development, Сo-founder of SCG, Shared Value Trendsetter